Frequently Asked Questions

  • What skill level should my child have?

    This is a "beginner" project created with ages 8 - 15 in mind. However we expect sewers will have a base level of sewing experience (similar to what they will have after completing our Kids Learn to Sew E-Course). Sewers should understand different fabric measurements (half yard, fat quarter, etc), know how to operate their sewing machine, wind a bobbin, thread the machine basic sewing skills including a backstitch, and tie a knot in thread for a handsewing needle.

  • What skills will my child learn in this workshop?

    This project focuses on using patter pieces, sewing curves, pivoting, topstitching, applique, clipping corners and curves, stuffing and whipstitching to close a gap. As always, we believe that repetition is fundamental to learning to sew, so kids will benefit from practice cutting fabric, measuring, and basic sewing skills.

  • What is included in the instruction?

    The workshop includes nearly an hour of instructional video tailored to kids with clear explanations, graphics to help with comprehension and video of every step of both the big owl and mini owl project. You also have access to a downloadable pdf of the pattern and shopping list. Each video includes a discussion box so if you have questions for Laura you can pop them in there to get your answers. Lastly, you have access to our Sewing Circles--- chat boards around different workshops where your child can meet other sewers and show off their work!

  • What does my child need to complete the project?

    Your child will need access to internet connection (these videos are streaming) and a printer to print the pattern templates. They will also need a sewing machine, basic sewing tools, and the materials for the projects. You can access the shopping list for free before buying the workshop. Complete the free registration and check it out! If you need more information about the basic tools please check out the free Basic Sewing Tools video on our Kids Learn to Sew E-Course.

  • How long do we have the video and how long does it take to complete?

    You have access to the video for the life of the workshop. There is no expiration date. This project takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete depending on the skill level of your child. The mini owl key chain project takes approximately another hour.

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This beginner sewing project is perfect for kids (or adults!) with a few sewing projects under their belt. If you've completed the Kids E-Course this is a perfect next step!