We love to sew and can't wait to share that love with your child (and you!)

We believe every kid should learn to sew!

  • Sewing is Practical!

    From sewing buttons to hemming pants, fixing rips to sewing on patches-- sewing is a useful life skill!

  • Sewing is Empowering!

    "Wow, I can't believe I made this!" Take fabric and thread, add-in new found skills and you have projects that your child will (and should) be proud of!

  • Sewing is Creative Fun!

    The colors and prints in fabric are just the start! Each project is just a blank canvas for your child's creative expression.

Meet Laura!

Owner and instructor

It's a Sewing School Experience at Home

Typical sewing classes at a sewing school may not work for everyone: it may not fit into your schedule, may not be offered in your area, or aren't in your budget. But that doesn't mean that you can't still have a great sewing school experience! Laura Kasowitz, owner and lead teacher of Hartford Stitch, brings to this e-course what she requires of all of her in-studio teachers: passion, expertise, enthusiasm and patience! She has taught nearly a thousand beginner sewing classes and knows how to reach the beginner sewer-- from the right words to use, multiple ways to explain a technique, and where to let creativity go wild!


  • Who is this virtual sewing school for?

    Our video workshops are designed for anyone and everyone who is looking to sew! Specifically the projects are targeted to the same group that we have in our after school classes: the 8 - 15 year old crowd. ​ But we've also had ambitious sewers as young as 6 years old work through the projects with supervision, grownups and kids learning to sew together, adults who want to sew for their kids, and adults who just want to sew! Our step-by-step lessons will provide anyone with a solid foundation on how to use the machine and find sewing success!

  • Does my child need to have any sewing experience?

    For our Kids Learn to Sew E-course your child doesn't need any experience at all! Additional project videos will detail what skills your child will need to have in order to complete the project.

  • What tools and supplies do I need?

    Take a look at our free content in our Kids Learn to Sew E-course to learn about choosing a sewing machine and basic tools. You can also access the shopping lists in the E-Course and Project Workshops before you purchase.

  • Where is your in-person studio?

    Opened in 2015, our physical studio is in West Hartford, CT. We offer classes for kids and adults whether they are brand new sewers or advanced seamstresses!

Dear Educators and Groups...

we have an option to you!

This e-course is for personal use only. Each course registration, including all downloads, is good for one home. If you're interested in teaching using our method and patterns please reach out to us and we can give you more information about our Educator Bundle!